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Better Products Always Win, Right?

Not always. Remember AOL versus Google? My Space versus Facebook? The truth is that successful businesses begin with a clear brand message. If your business isn’t connecting the way you want, it’s possible that your message is suffering from one of these common problems:

  • Talking about you instead of your customer
  • Using too many words or inside language
  • Forgetting to call your tribe to action

We understand that marketing can be an investment.  But imagine how many missed opportunities you’ve had if your message isn’t helping you make sales.

We work with companies like yours to clarify your message and generate leads, so you can win clients, stay ahead of the pack and make a bigger impact.

Working with Soul Genius Branding allowed me to understand and align my whole brand, not just the words and pictures, but how those words actually describe what I do. I learned how to communicate directly to the woman and companies I serve. Lynne Fredrickson

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I'm Linda Perry - Storybrand Certified Guide & Copywriter



Using the proven Storybrand framework we’ll help

you stand out. Avoid confusion and wasted $$ on

strategies that don’t work.

  • Clarify your message.
  • Develop a website that converts
  • Gain the confidence to promote
  • Nurture leads for bigger success

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Why Soul Genius Branding?

Kick overwhelm to the curb and build a clear message that grows your business.

You want to do the things that made you a business owner in the first place. We understand. Instead of feeling like all your efforts are consumed with getting noticed, let us do the heavy lifting –  we’ll clarify your brand, show you how to nurture leads and create sales opportunities.

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Brand Strategy

We’ll start out by taking a look at your overall strategy and help you simplify and clarify. The brain is naturally wired to avoid confusion – if your message isn’t clear, your audience will simply walk away. By using the proven SB7 Storbrand Framework, we’ll help you create a branding and marketing strategy that is designed to attract customers and keep them interested.

Content and Copywriting

Sometimes finding the right words requires a little help. Content-driven website pages, sales letters, email campaigns, social media bios, irresistible opt-ins or carefully crafted blogs, we write content that naturally attracts without feeling salesy or forced. Copy is at the core of what we do. All content is written with your website design and layout in mind – so you’ll save time and money when working with your web developer.

Business Coaching

You tell yourself that what you’ve got isn’t that special. That no one wants to buy what you’re selling, so why try? Fear, overwhelm and self sabotage are common when you’re building your business. You get stuck and need a little guidance to get you through. Get clear on your vision, focus or message through weekly calls and action steps designed to break through the barriers.

DIY Programs

Sometimes money’s tight, but that’s not going to stop you! We believe in helping people find affordable ways to grow. Our DIY programs are designed to help you launch the business you’ve dreamed with a strong and clear brand message. From the introductory On-Line Vision Board WorkshopBranding Bootcamp to the Copy Bootcamp, you’ll get the tools to launch your brand, and write copy to grow your business.

Linda Perry got me! She was able to help me create a look for my brand that attracts clients. She challenged me to be specific – steering me away from the generic things you find on many coaching websites. She’s a straight shooter and gives so much more value than she promises. Working with her removed the struggle and the process was fun! Words don’t express how fabulous she is and how grateful I am.

Linda Yeazel

Certified Integrative Life Coach

Linda Perry and the Soul Genius team went above and beyond in the rebranding of our custom home building company. The results: A strategic vision we have always had, but Linda and her team conveyed the importance of high quality craftsmanship, integrity, detail and honesty in everything that we do. Linda and her team laid out a deliberate approach but were nimble and exacting in producing a website that authentically captured what AMB is!”

Patrick Scanlan

Custom Home Builders, Alpine Mountain Builders

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