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We all have a story to share with the world.

The lawyer who wants to let her clients know how important your vision is to her approach. The life coach who isn’t sure how to connect his clients, but knows he has a program that can ease their daily plan. The builder who wants to stand out in the sea of competitors.

But, does it have to be so hard to connect? 

Soul Genius Branding works soul driven, passion-packed and purpose-filled entrepreneurs like you to build a brand identity, share your story and find the right words to help you attract the people who need you AND grow your business.

I’m Linda Perry – owner, storyteller, soul genius, brand strategist, entrepreneur and business coach. I’ll take out the guess-work and the worry so we can carefully craft your unique message and build a brand that stands out!

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out."

Dr. Suess

What I do.

Imagine being able to focus on the parts of your business that you love!

You want to focus on your craft – the thing that made you an entrepreneur in the first place. I do understand. Let me help you with the details: build your brand, show you how to nurture leads and create opportunities.


Kick overwhelm to the curb and build what you love, step-by-step.


Brand Identity

Just like our own personal identity, brand identity begins with a little exploration. Your personal message, images, typography and color schemes all become part of your brand identity. With so many choices, we bring together the pieces so they look, feel and sound like you.

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Do-It-Yourself Programs

Sometimes money’s tight, but that’s not going to stop you! We believe in helping people find affordable ways to grow. Our DIY programs are designed to help you launch the business you’ve dreamed with a strong and clear brand message. From the introductory On-Line Vision Board WorkshopBranding Bootcamp to the Copy Bootcamp, you’ll get the tools to launch your brand, and write copy to grow your business.

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Sometimes finding the right words requires a little help. Not sure how to share your content on your website, blog or social media? Or maybe you’ve got a workshop ready to come out? I’ve spent my life giving voice to other people’s stories and content. Let’s find the right words.

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Business Coaching

You tell yourself that what you’ve got isn’t that special. That no one wants to buy what you’re selling, so why try? Fear, overwhelm and self sabotage are common when you’re building your business. You get stuck and need a little guidance to get you through. Get clear on your vision, focus or message through weekly calls and action.

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Recent Projects

  • Linda Yeazel
  • Alpine Mountain Builders
  • Perry Preston Group
  • Nyoutrition

Why Soul Genius

Because finding your voice is my passion. Anyone can tell you what you’re supposed to do, but I start by carefully listening to you and how you want to serve the world before I ever consider putting a word down on paper. Translating your story and getting your message right. I also understand that your brand is more than just words. That’s why I work with you to make sure that every component of your website, images, opt-in, emails and marketing material all work together so you can grow your business. But don’t take my word: hear from my clients:

Linda Perry got me! She was able to help me create a look for my brand that reflected me. She challenged, and continues to challenge, me to be specific and unique – steering me away from the generic things you find on many coaching websites. She’s a straight shooter and gives so much more value than she promises. Working with her removed the struggle and the process was fun!

Words don’t express how fabulous she is and how grateful I am.

Linda Yeazel

Certified Integrative Life Coach

When we first started working together, I was really nervous. But, Linda had a gentle heart and was extremely helpful and insightful. I can’t believe in a short amount of time how my business started to take off and thrive. Linda listens so keenly and hears the voice of my soul and what my soul needed to do for me to be able to help my clients. I was able to articulate and create my voice. She is an amazing team player, leader and creator. I am so blessed to have worked with Linda and highly recommend her. Shari Coltune

Certified Integrative Life Coach, Reiki Master

Words cannot express how incredibly”Genius” Linda Perry is. I worked with her on my business and am in such awe and deep gratitude for not only her amazing talent and skills, but for who she is as a person. Linda not only delivers exactly what she promises, but then some! She is filled with integrity, is highly motivating, deeply compassionate, and also kick-ass when Its needed! On a 1 to 5 scale, she truly deserves a 100! Linda infuses not only her expertise but also her heart and soul into everything she does. Linda Perry is truly a one-of-a-kind gem and it has truly been my honor and privilege to work with her Roberta Ladwig

Certified Integrative Life Coach

Linda Perry and the Soul Genius team went above and beyond in the rebranding of our custom home building company. Linda interviewed company stakeholders (past and current clients, architects, designers, principals, subcontractors) and toured several of our projects to tell the Alpine Mountain Builders story. The results were twofold: 1) a complete rebranding of our website that not only showcased our work but artfully conveyed what differentiated us among Vail Valley homebuilders; 2) A strategic vision we have always had, but Linda and her team conveyed the importance of high quality craftsmanship, integrity, detail and honesty in everything that we do. This was our first rebranding effort in several years and Linda and her team laid out a deliberate approach but were nimble and exacting in producing a website that authentically captured what AMB is!” Patrick Scanlan

Custom Home Builders, Alpine Mountain Builders

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