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Video Tips to Help You Grow Your Biz 15 Minutes at A Time

It’s time to STOP Overwhelm!

https://youtu.be/Rf2sCzzMV24 Are you like me - constantly feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do? I am the QUEEN of overwhelm and have determined to stop the neverending cycle of needing to catch up!! This week’s 15 Minutes to Genius talks about why...

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What Role Does Intuition Play in Your Biz?

https://youtu.be/kc7SeIswrZA Is there a place for trusting your instincts in your business? How many times have you said, “if only I had trusted myself – I knew I should have done _______!” When you don’t know the exact steps to take in your business and are relaying...

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Who are you being (on social media)

https://youtu.be/7np-GapW1Ng Let me ask you . . . who are you being on social media? There can be a lot of pressure on social media to be your BEST version of yourself. Heck, as a brand strategist, my job is to help my audience create a carefully crafted persona. But...

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How do you rebound from a fall?

https://youtu.be/2lqovs-PfNM Picking yourself up after a fall can be hard. You want to crawl into a hole and nurse your wounds – but if you’re running a business where people count on you, that can be hard. So, how do you motivate yourself when you feel depleted and...

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Avoid the Hard Sell or Risk Turning Off Your Audience!

https://youtu.be/ilyxrl9Lwq4 How not to look like you’re trying so hard! We’ve all been there before – you know that moment when you encounter someone and they start talking about their business and it feels like they’re automatically selling you something? It’s like...

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Are you just winging it?

https://youtu.be/37Hl7G6cKyo Are you structured or do you like to wing it and go with the flow? I’ve always taken pride in my ability to “wing it” – a skill I developed after years of having to be on my toes as a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney – but as I’ve grown...

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Are you using language that your audience doesn’t understand?

https://youtu.be/RTXJjoiq59c Are you using jargon that your audience doesn’t understand? A client recently shared with me that I used some terms in my videos that he didn’t understand and asked me to be more clear! It’s so automatic that many of us don’t notice when...

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Understanding Your Customer’s Journey Through Your Biz

https://youtu.be/dx64mL8OA3A Welcome to 15 Minutes to Genius, weekly video tips to help you grow your business one step at a time. Instead of waiting and pushing things off until you have time, 15 Minutes to Genius can help you get out of overwhelm and move toward...

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