“At the end of the day we are not selling, we are serving.” Dave Ramsey

Does the idea of having to go out and selling your product or service make you a little sick? Like it doesn’t feel aligned with your purpose of doing good in the world?

Most people who are in the business of helping others are really passionate about what they do – they’re just not passionate about selling their product or work. I hear it all the time from clients that I work with. It doesn’t matter if you’re a life coach, fitness instructor or Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, it’s always the same – “I don’t want to be annoying. I want to remain authentic. Or just plain – I hate selling!”

The truth is I hate selling too, but – if you don’t’ sell, you’re going to be broke!

That may sound harsh and scary, but the statistics back it up. Especially when it comes to heart-based entrepreneurs. The reality is that most soul-based businesses don’t make it past the first year. Nearly 80% of all life coaches go out of business. And it’s not because they’re bad at what they do – it’s because they don’t really know how to sell.

You want to make an impact. I know what that feels like, but so many of you powerful, amazingly talented people are just giving your stuff away, hoping that people are going to latch on and your business is going to grow. I mean you have an amazing product, right?  You do – but if people don’t know about it, appreciate it and understand it, they’re just not going to buy it.

I’m not asking you to sound like a used car salesman.

In fact, do the opposite. You can’t push your product or service on anyone. It doesn’t work. People don’t like to be told what they should buy, they want to be heard. They want to feel like you understand their problem and what you’re offering is the solution.

The key to selling is really about connecting.

If you want to be a non-salesy, marketing beast, it all starts with a genuine connection. Figure out where your purchasing audience “lives”, what makes them tick and how you can help make a difference in their life. The mistake most of us make is we jump to pushing the product before we understand what they really need and we end up feeling salesy.

So then, how do you connect and sell?

Well, I’ve put together some easy steps you can take to help you shift your focus and shift your message:

(1) Sell to Serve: Believe it or not, selling is service. Too often we forget to talk about this part. When you’re describing about your product or service ALWAYS remember to talk about how it will add value or enhance your reader’s life. Will it make them money? Get fit? Or will it help them feel more satisfied? Focus on the ways you serve your audience because that’s your passion anyway. You’re solving a problem and your ideal client wants to know about it.

(2) Create Catchy Copy: Did you know that captivating copy generates 54% more leads than any other outbound marketing strategy?* That means that investing in the copy that goes on your website, social media sites, and promotional material is key. If you can create copy that draws people in, you’ll never have to be pushy!

(3) Start with Information: Sometimes we assume people know the benefits of personal training, life coaching or even essential oils. That assumption, though is why most of our marketing strategies don’t work. If you invest in spending the time to generate blogs, video or other content that talks about what you do, you’ll be more likely to attract someone who’s curious, but unsure about what it is that you are offering.

(4) Be Consistent: It’s tempting to let go of our strategies when they don’t immediately work. Yet, if we simply stay with our weekly strategies for reaching our audience, we will connect and grow our business with time. Don’t forget that most overnight successes only look like they are.

(5) Talk About Your Work: This one seems obvious, but we don’t remember to talk about what we do often enough. When you’re standing in line at the grocery store, at a dinner party, at networking events, remember to let yourself speak about what you do from the heart. This isn’t a pitch and I’m not saying you force it on people, but let yourself naturally talk about what you love – to everyone.

(6) Close with Purpose: This is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to selling. I’ve attended workshops that are amazing and people seem really into the product or service, but at the end, the person or people presenting forget the all-important call to action. Whenever I write workshops, blogs or any promotional material, I remind my client that they have to have an ask at the end. Give people the opportunity to buy from you, especially after you’ve offered them some valuable information. They’ll more than likely be ready. And even if this part feels more salesy to you – remember the first point, you’re actually being of service.

Let me give you an example of this last one! I’m passionate about helping you discover your brand message and develop content that you love. Let’s talk about how I can serve you in making a big impact on the world. Schedule a free 30-minute introductory session today by clicking here. You’ll be amazed at what you can discover in a short time. Schedule now!


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