“Should I be doing videos for my business?”

If you’ve been on any social media site lately, it’s a logical question. Video is the hot way for people to connect with their audience. You’ve got YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live and even Instagram has hopped on the video bandwagon as of late. If you want to try it – you certainly have the means to get video out to your tribe. And the great thing about video – it doesn’t have to be done in a studio. Anyone with a smartphone can simply pop open their camera and get started.

Video isn’t for everyone.

If you’re comfortable in front of a camera – I say absolutely, go for it. It really can give you visibility and improve your connection with people who aren’t yet sure they belong in your tribe. I personally am way more comfortable hiding behind my words – we introverts are that way. But, sharing video with my audience from time to time is a good way to explain concepts, push my comfort zones and get out an idea quickly.

And if you haven’t noticed, the younger crowd would definitely rather watch something than read all about it. (If you have a teenage son, you absolutely know what I mean).

So, How Do You Get Started with Video Social Media?

Even though adding video to your business doesn’t require a professional microphone and camera, there are some general rules you’ll want to follow to get started. I’ve prepared a short video (surprise, surprise) to help you get started!

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