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The Ugly Truth About Owning Your Own Business

You sit at your desk and you hate your job. Hate might feel like a strong word, but it certainly isn’t lighting you up – sure, it’s keeping the lights on at home, but beyond that, you’re starting to dread going into work each and every day. You begin to daydream what...

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Why Clear Determination is the Key to Your Success

Do you ever wonder what successful people have– or maybe what they’ve mastered to a different level than you have? It can be incredibly maddening if you have outrageous skills or an incredible product – yet, you see someone who’s leaps and bounds ahead of you in their...

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Do You Need Social Media to Be a Success?

A social media presence is absolutely essential in order to run a successful online business – or so that’s what they tell you.  Ok. So, I’ll admit it. I have been one of those “they’ who tell you that you absolutely need an online presence in order to get noticed....

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Why Your Website is Only a Starting Point for Your Business

This might come as a surprise – especially when you consider the fact that a large part of what I do is write content for my client’s websites – but your website is not the be-all end all of your business. It’s actually only a starting point for your business. Now,...

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Why Your Business Could Benefit from Having a Case Study.

Maybe you’ve been on a sales call and everything is going really well. You’re connecting with your potential customers, you’re feeling good and then all of the sudden the ask, “Do you have any examples of other clients you can share with me so I can better understand...

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How to Stop Internet Trolls from Hijacking Your Business

Maybe you’ve seen them in some of the membership groups you belong to on Facebook or LinkedIn or have just seen these random comments show up in your feed that appall and send emotional shock waves that suddenly take over your feed. In your mind, it’s just some idiot...

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Should You Use the F-Bomb in Your Copy?

Ok, so I’ll admit that I’m a card-carrying member of the swear-like-a-sailor club. I will drop an F-Bomb in everyday conversation as much I use words such as Love, Like or Ah-Mazing. I’ve never been a stickler for “proper” language and will admit that my son might...

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Why You Too Can Be Successful By Taking More You Time

After spending most of this past year working between 60-80 weeks, I found myself reflecting back on how much of the year I had missed. How many opportunities to spend time with my kids – to hike, ski, ride my bike, to relax or work out had I missed? Turns out quite a...

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