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The Winner Is . . . Long vs. Short Form Sales Pages

In an ever-increasing on-line market, we’re told that we only have 8 seconds to grab attention or else our audience will click away. Which means that clarity, brevity and compelling copy win the day. So, why is it that whenever you click on someone’s offer, you’re led...

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15 Minutes to Genius: Internal Baseball Bat

Welcome  to  15  Minutes  to  Genius!  Weekly  video  tips  to  help  you  grow  your  business  one  step  at  a  time. So,  I  want  ask  you  something  important,  are  you  ready  to  put  down  the  internal  baseball  bat? All  that  negative  stuff  you  tell ...

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15 Minutes to Genius: What’s Your End Game?

Welcome to 15 Minutes to Genius! Weekly video tips to help you grow your business one step at a time. So, I had someone recently pose this great question "What’s your end game? When it comes to our businesses, we don’t always think about what our end game...

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15 Minutes to Genius: Are You Causing Yourself Unnecessary Stress?

Welcome to 15 Minutes to Genius! Weekly video tips to help you grow your business one step at a time. This week, let’s talk stress? Who’s feeling stressed (besides me)? When you become an entrepreneur, you just assume that stress is going to be part of the equation –...

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15 Minutes to Genius: The New New Year

With September just around the corner, it's a great time to check in and see where you're at with your vision and goals. Are they still aligned with where you're at and where you want to go? Do they move you powerfully into 2019? Take a look at the vision and goals...

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What You Need to Know About the Latest Lead Magnet Trends

Let me be completely honest. I want your email address. I want it so we can begin a conversation, warm up to one another and see if you want to buy what I have to offer. But, I’m pretty sure that these days, I have to do something more than ask you to share it with...

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How to Embrace the Imposter Within

You have a secret that you’re keeping from everyone. You don’t dare tell anyone because if you did, well then everything you’ve built would be a lie. Your secret? That you feel like an utter imposter. Like everything you’ve done well was simply a matter of luck,...

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The Top Secrets of Successful Business Owners

Do you ever sit at home wondering, “what’s (s)he got that I don’t?” It can make you crazy – but why is it that some people are just able to skyrocket into success while it sometimes feels like you’re spinning round and round on the hamster wheel? Some days might be...

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