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How Your Biggest Mistakes Can Help You Find Crazy Success

I’ll never forget the moment when I first began dating my husband and he looked me straight in the eye and asserted that I hadn’t failed enough in life. As a born perfectionist, I looked at him a little (maybe a lot) horrified.“What do you mean I haven’t failed...

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The Top 4 Ways Your Biz is Wasting Marketing Dollars

There is an old axiom in marketing that most business know that they are wasting half of their marketing budget – it’s just that they don’t know which half.It’s inevitable that your company is going to waste marketing dollars at some point. And although the numbers...

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Why Fear Might Just Be Your Biggest Asset

Most of the time when we think of fear, we think of it as a hinderance – something that holds us back or wish we could go away. But, what if fear was really something you could use to grow your business (not to mention who you are as a person)? Fear is usually the...

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3 Easy Ways to Be Understood by Your Audience

You’re passionate about your business. You understand what you do, and you know that it helps people. The problem is that every time you start talking, you feel like you’re tripping over your own words. You start rambling and hope that if you keep talking, the person...

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The Winner Is . . . Long vs. Short Form Sales Pages

In an ever-increasing on-line market, we’re told that we only have 8 seconds to grab attention or else our audience will click away. Which means that clarity, brevity and compelling copy win the day. So, why is it that whenever you click on someone’s offer, you’re led...

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What You Need to Know About the Latest Lead Magnet Trends

Let me be completely honest. I want your email address. I want it so we can begin a conversation, warm up to one another and see if you want to buy what I have to offer. But, I’m pretty sure that these days, I have to do something more than ask you to share it with...

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How to Embrace the Imposter Within

You have a secret that you’re keeping from everyone. You don’t dare tell anyone because if you did, well then everything you’ve built would be a lie. Your secret? That you feel like an utter imposter. Like everything you’ve done well was simply a matter of luck,...

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The Top Secrets of Successful Business Owners

Do you ever sit at home wondering, “what’s (s)he got that I don’t?” It can make you crazy – but why is it that some people are just able to skyrocket into success while it sometimes feels like you’re spinning round and round on the hamster wheel? Some days might be...

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5 Simple Ways to Make Consistent $$ for Your Biz

It seems to be the topic that’s on all my client’s minds these days – “How do I create consistent revenue so that I don’t always feel the pressure of getting new business?” The ups and downs of being an entrepreneur can weigh on even the toughest business owner and...

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