Master Your Mindset Launches This Fall!

If you’re a copywriter, course creator or creative entrepreneur who’s ready to get seriously confident and grow your biz. . . . this is for you!

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I’m Linda Perry

Former self-saboteur, fellow Copywriter and a Master  Life Coach

Like you, I read the books, meditated, went to workshops and took advice from well-meaning friends.

And still I struggled with money for years.

It wasn’t until I discovered that the secret behind my inability to earn what I wanted really had to do with my beliefs (and not necessarily the ones I saw, but the ones hiding even further down) that I could finally get the money I deserve.

I’ve helped hundreds of people break through their beliefs and make peace with money.

I especially LOVE working with copywriters, course creatives and entrepreneurs because – as a all three of those myself – I know how hard it can be sometimes to believe that you’ll ever get to the other side and earn what the superstars do – but I promise you can!

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