You hear about it from all the top marketing pro’s . . . social media is an incredibly powerful tool to help you grow your business fast.  

So, you dive in.

You pick your favorite social media medium, learn how to post, you create a social media calendar and you go.

You even dare to be vulnerable and share your personal business story – and you hope that it will impact your ideal client and they’ll trip over themselves to connect with you and want to buy your product or services.

And sometimes you do strike a chord.

You get a flood of responses telling you how much they needed to hear your story and how it’s given them hope. Or they tell you that they can relate so much to what you’ve shared and in return tell you a little tidbit about their life.

And for a moment you feel good about yourself; like you’ve mastered this social media engagement thing.

But after a few days, you begin to wonder . . . “Why is it that the people who engage with me and follow me aren’t actually buying from me?”

In many ways, it’s the biggest mystery for so many of my clients.

How can it be that you’re growing in social media followers, getting killer engagement, but then when it comes to actual sales, you’re barely registering any new numbers?

Well my friend, the truth is that while social media can be an incredible tool for growing your business and your brand message, you’re probably relying too heavily on its magic powers.

Social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter can be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating awareness, trust and even sales for your business – but it doesn’t come easily. And it certainly doesn’t come overnight.

The other biggest misconception about social media is that engagement will automatically turn into sales.

Just because people like and comment on your social media posts doesn’t mean that they’re ready to buy from you. Can I say that again?

Simply because people are commenting on your every post or filling you with love, doesn’t mean that they are ready to buy anything from you.

Most people don’t go from engagement to buying your product as quickly as we want them to. It can take a long time for even our ideal audience to believe that our solution is really the one they are looking for.

That fact can often lead to a lot of disappointment or frustration for the person who is expecting that social media will be the cure-all for a stagnant business.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The truth is that when you start to use social media for your business, you have to remember that you are in it for the long-haul.

Social media isn’t something you can dabble with or play around in the shallow-end of the pool. You have to dive in and commit – and that can be hard for our ego because the way that social media is set up these days, it can feel like we’re investing a ton of time into something that is giving us little return.

So why do it then? If it takes so much work and the algorithms are designed to bring you down, why would you actually bother?

Because in the end – social media can open doors you never imagined and after some time, skill and even mastery of advertisement, the scales can tip in your favor and grow your business like gang-busters.

“Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through social media.”

Are you ready to turn into a money-making social media machine?

I know you are! So, let’s ditch the frustration and let’s talk tips.

Step One: Commit!

Studies show that people who post on a daily basis shall be favored by the algorithms. That is true whether you’re posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

And even though the number of times you need to post varies across the board, you can’t just show up and hope that you’ll be the next superstar just because you’ve arrived.

I personally create a social media calendar and plan out each of my posts – with the exception of my weekends which I like to do on the go to add a little personal touch and create a different connection.

When you plan out your posts and images you can feel a little more in control of the story you tell and purposeful about how you’re going to connect with your audience as you go. And because you know you’re in it for a while, you can begin to tweak and notice what is truly resonating with your audience.

Step Two: Be Clear and Don’t Confuse.

One of the other stumbling problems is that people coming to your social media site need to be clear about who you are and what you do.

As Donald Miller of StoryBrand fame shares in his book, if you make people consume calories to think about what you do and who you are, they are going to click away. As he says – if you confuse, you lose

So, when it comes to your social media profiles, begin with your bio and make sure that it lets people know what you do and how you can help them in less than 8 seconds.

If you’re a functional nutritionist who helps people use food as medicine and help them overcome health and weight issues – tell them.

If you’re a life coach who helps people find purpose after 50 – tell them.

If you’re a financial planner who helps people plan for retirement using a proprietary method – tell them.

And do so in a way that is engaging and shows a little of your personality – because after all, people want to work with people they like.

Step Three: Know the Tricks

Because social media has become more complicated, it’s important to know the latest tricks.

I won’t lie – that can be hard sometimes because things are changing all the time on social media. One minute you can feel like you’re all caught up and know exactly how to use it and the next they’ve changed what worked and your numbers begin to fall off.

For example, did you know that if you post an Instagram story within the first minute of sharing your Instagram post that directs people to that post will help boost your engagement?

Or that if you hide multiple hashtags in your Instagram stories (you can cover them up with another image), will get your story more traction?

And that LinkedIn users tend to read more articles that are informative or educational than any other platform?

Good stuff, right?

There are multiple tricks like this – doing the research on them is key.

Follow the experts out there and even businesses that post for you such as CoSchedule, SproutSocial Later or Plann give some incredible tips when you subscribe to their newsletters.  

Knowing the latest hacks, hashtags and helpful hints can take work, but it is well worth it if you want to score on social media (and in the end can be cheaper than going typical advertising routes).

Step Four: Smart Advertising

More and more business are turning to advertising on social media because it gets them results.

And even if you’ve been determined to avoid using advertising or feel like you have limited funds to invest, the truth is that spending a few dollars can help you go a long way.

Facebook and Instagram Ads have gone up in the last few years but can still be done fairly inexpensively if you do them right. The problem is that most people attempt to do this by themselves and get upset quickly.

Not knowing what to expect or even what a good price-per-click rate might be, it can feel like you’re hunting in the dark and not really getting quality leads (which can be true).

Which is why I recommend smart advertising.

These days there are any number of experts who can help you set up your Facebook advertising if you are a novice – and they don’t all require you spend thousands of dollars to start.

A good place to start looking might be on Upworks or Fiverr to see if anyone can help you set up an ad – especially if you have an offer or campaign that you are looking to launch to a bigger audience.

Either way, understanding the difference between a lookalike audience, boosting a post or creating a custom campaign can be the difference between remaining ignored or creating greater results on social media.

Step Five: Focus on Growing the Right Followers

Do you know if you have the right followers?

Sometimes you can have thousands of followers, but if none of them are your ideal client, it can be hard to turn your loving audience into devoted followers.

One of the biggest tricks to getting the right followers is by researching the followers of the more successful people in your area of business. And while you can’t really poach them, there are businesses out there whose only job is to help you attract the followers you need.

And while this may be a bit controversial or feel a bit sketchy, you don’t really have the hours to spend liking, commenting or searching hashtags of the people you really want following you.

These businesses are already out there and guarantee that they will get you the audience you want. Now . . . I’ll admit I’ve used some of these businesses with limited success, but on occasion they have yielded some great new, engaged followers.

Here are some of the ones that have a better companies out there:,, and

You’re already there, so why not take advantage of a good thing.

The truth is that social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – so why not make sure that you are able to use it to your advantage.

One thing I like to do is that if social media feels a little overwhelming for you, we do a simple audit of all your social media sites and create a plan of attack that feels right for you.

  1. The first step is to schedule a call to talk about your biz
  2. I’ll give you a personalized social media plan to execute
  3. Grow your followers: whether you want help writing your bio, content or want to do it yourself, I’ll give you the steps to help you sit back and grow your following.

To begin, schedule your free 30-minute session and let’s talk social media!


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