Several years ago, when I was still trying to build my practice as a life coach, I decided to build my own group mini-course teaching people how to overcome an obstacle many of us feel, that holds us back from living the life we want. It was, in fact, a feeling that had kept me from living my whole life and I wanted to share with people who felt the same way–a way to get out.

I put together my workshop. I mapped it out. I located the venue, made flyers, the works. And here is what I named it:

I am a failure workshop.

Nope- I kid you not. I literally named a workshop by the one thing most people never want to associate themselves with — BEING A FAILURE! And then, as you can imagine, when no one signed up, how do you think I felt? Yup, I felt like a complete and utter failure.

My newbie mistake was one that we all commonly make.

We think we’re being clever or come up with something that we think everyone understands, but what we’re accidentally doing is turning off the exact people we want to attract. Taking a look at that old workshop, I was surprised to see how good the content was – except that no one ever got to hear it.

The biggest problem with what I put out there was that I wasn’t in touch with my ideal audience. I was in touch with where I was and all that I had learned– but I forgot what was important to the people I served. I am repeatedly reminded how important understanding our audience really is.

Sure, you might narrow it down to an age. A demographic. An interest. But do you really know what makes them tick? Why are they going to hire you in the first place? Unless you get your ideal client profile down– and I mean down to their last thought before their head hits the pillow, you’re missing an opportunity to connect.

Here are some things to think about as you compile your Ideal Client Persona:

1.Give them a gender.

You don’t want to. I know you think you’re alienating someone, but you aren’t. Give them a name, exact age and gender. You are creating a single person that you will write to serve. Even if you feel like you have a broad audience, try to get to know one client.

Creating a persona for one person will allow you to write more directly and connect better with the people you want to serve and the emotions that they are feeling or whatever brought them to your business. Not everyone that visits your site will match up exactly with this person, but they will be able to relate if they are in need of what you offer.

2. Pain Points.

What is going on in their life right now that is causing them pain and how is it making them feel? You want them to read your content and say to themselves “hey that’s me!”, or ” I get that”. This will give them a sense of security or build a trust with you. They will trust you have a solution to their problem, that you will be able to solve it or guide them to a better life. When they can relate with your content or feel like you are writing about them, they will act – they will feel like they NEED your product or service, because well, you get them, therefore you’ll be able to help them, right?

3. What wakes them up at 3:00 a.m.?

This is my favorite question because sometimes they aren’t even aware of what’s going on until that moment. When all of a sudden, they can’t sleep and really start thinking, and they realize the challenge they are facing, and more often than not this is when they realize they need to search for a solution. Basically, this is where you step in – and if you can nail what wakes them up at 3:00 a.m. then you will be able to connect on a deeper level with your reader. Nobody likes losing sleep, by focusing on this question you will be able to get inside the head of your ideal client and understand the steps they will take to working with you.

4. What is their ultimate dream?

How is your product or service going to change their life, so they can live the life they’ve been dreaming about? Will it take the worry out of a dreaded home-improvement project, or help improve a relationship with their spouse? By creating a picture of what their ultimate dream is you will be able to discover the impact of your business on their life. This will be the backbone to the part where you tell them how your business offers them success.


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