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The only mindset program designed to help copywriters and creative entrepreneurs go from charging too little & comparing too much . . .


. . . to busting down the limits that have kept you from the wild-crazy-success you deserve!

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Some mindset gurus promise you that books, mantras, meditation, and positive thinking will give you the success you’re looking for.

They promise incredible results with quick-fixes for some of your biggest struggles as a copywriter or creative entrepreneur. But more often than not – they only offer temporary relief.

After some time the doubts, fears and self-sabotaging behaviors come creeping back.

Staring at a blank screen for hours, the negative self-talk takes over.

  • “I can’t even write my own website. I’m a fraud.”
  • “Why do I all the high-paying clients seem to go elsewhere?”
  • “Will I ever be paid enough for the work I do?”
  • “I’m never going to be as good as some of the people I follow.”
  • “I’ve had a great month – but it feels like everything still going to fall apart.”

Maybe you’ve followed “money mindset” courses from people who claim to be experts. You read each one with hope – but deep down, you doubt they’ll work.

And the truth is they won’t.  Here’s why. . .

Most programs don’t go far enough to shift your thoughts.


To master your mindset you have to dig deeper. 

Self-Care is Only PART

of the Solution

I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of self-care.

It alleviate stress, helps you find balance and manage your business.

So you give it a try – you exercise, get enough sleep, enjoy regular massages, eat healthy (most of the time) and even meditate routinely.

And while it feels good to look after yourself this way, you still wake up each morning with the same thoughts and you’re not sure why. 

You still feel like an imposter as you get on the phone with a prospective client.

You cut your prices in half because you’re afraid you’re not going to get the business – even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t.

You can see that you’re sabotaging your success, but you can’t stop it.

So, you go for a run and it relieves the stress . . . until next time.

I get. I’ve been where you are.

I’m Linda Perry.

Former self-saboteur, fellow Copywriter, Creative Entrepreneur and a Master Life Coach

Like you, I read the books, meditated, attended workshops and took advice from well-meaning friends.

I used to be a check-the-box kind of girl who followed a path I thought would bring me success and make me happy. But, my limiting belief kept me from being who I wanted to be (and let’s not forget miserable).

You seesince I was a little girl, I was the stupid one.

At least that’s what I believed. My mom and my sister were brilliant – my sister loved books and sports, but I was a little different. I loved playing with Barbie (yep, that’s me holding onto my Barbie and Ken doll in the picture) and got in trouble (all the time). Instead of seeing that being different was good, I decided I must be dumb.

It’s embarrassing, but my stupid beliefs controlled me in ways that might surprise you… 

  • Going to law school to prove I wasn’t dumb
  • Getting married to the smart guy because he made me look smarter
  • Not going after jobs I wanted because I thought I’d be rejected
  • Making sure every single word I wrote was perfect (and let’s not even mention that I developed a thing about people who didn’t use the word myriad correctly)
  • Staying in a job I hated because if I left – they’d find out I was a fraud
  • Accepting a salary far below my worth and being afraid to ask for more money
  • Chasing awards, validation and approval from others, just to show my worth.

The list goes on and on.

Nothing improved my mindset. . . . until I discovered a solution that was far more practical.

Although I spent 17 years as a “badass” criminal defense attorney, it was only when I discovered the work of best-selling author and life coach, Debbie ford that I finally broke through my fears.

Through coaching, I gained the courage to leave law and pursued a certification as a life coach through the Ford Institute. Today, I am a Master Life Coach who has helped hundreds of copywriters, marketers, course creators and creative entrepreneurs dismantle their limiting beliefs and find success.

Without personal coaching and the skills I learned (and share daily with others), I would have never found my purpose or have the successful business I have today. It’s that powerful and I know it can work for you too!

Let me share a little secret with you.

There are a ton of programs promising to help you “get over” your limiting beliefs. They’ll tell you they have the solution that will guide you to the promise-land of success.

        Most of them fall short for one big reason.

They don’t address the real reason you’re stuck.

It’s only when you can recognize your core limiting beliefs and learn how to shift them that you can move forward.

If you’ve been unable to achieve the success you want, it’s likely because of a hidden, outdated belief.

Our mind is a wickedly powerful place – and that’s good news.

Because even though your limiting beliefs have been running the show until now, when you finally learn how to uncover your core limiting beliefs and actually shift them in ways that empower you  – you do crazy good things.

Things like:

  • Grow your business into a six plus figure business in less than a year
  • Land Amy Porterfield as your client (yes . . .that’s happened)
  • Hire junior copywriters (because you’ve got that much work)
  • Help others launch their dream business with your content
  • Being a sought after guests for podcasts, interviews and speaking gigs.

Yeah. That’s what becomes possible.

Introducing . . .

Master Your Mindset™

A combination of practical and woo, this 7-week coaching program is guaranteed to help you adopt a winning mindset.

Or I’ll give you your money back.

What Happens When You Master Your Mindset

Bust Your Beliefs

Break free from unconscious beliefs that cause you to struggle every day in your copywriting business.

Overcome Fears

Overcome your fears so you can get on that big sales call and charge your full worth – every time.

Learn New Strategies

Develop a strategy to defeat self-sabotage and the need to compare or strive for copy perfection.

Achieve Your Goals

Create an achievable vision for your copy business and tackle the plans you have for your personal brand.

Linda Perry is quite literally the only person I’ve ever not only SAT THROUGH an entire session on mindset, but actually enjoyed and agreed with, and saw value in.

I’m sure there are othrs who are great, but if you don’t want some zonked-out hippie with a deck of tarot cards or advice like jamming crystals in your downstairs and telling the univers, “I RECEIVE” to be the one informing your business strategy and personal growth Linda is quite literally the only choice I recommend.”

Joel Klettke

Conversion Copywriter & Consultant, Business Casual Copywriting

“There’s one thing that separates the confident, celeb-status, money-making copywriters from the struggling copywriters who are hustling from month to month with little to show for it…

(And it isn’t another course on copywriting frameworks!)

The thing that holds copywriters back is their mindset.

The success of your business is based on 90% mindset and 10% skillset. And if you want to run a profitable, sustainable copywriting business, mastering your mindset is a must.

While there are a ton of ‘money mindset’ coaches floating around on the interwebs…

Linda’s the real deal because a) she is a certified coach, b) she ‘gets’ copywriters (she’s one of us), and c) she’s crazy smart, intuitive, and d) she actually gives a damn about helping copywriters.

I highly recommend this program if you’re serious about stepping outside your comfort zone (that’s where all the fun stuff happens anyway) and building a profitable business.”

Kira Hug

Copywriter, The Copywriter's Club

Master Your Mindset was designed to go farther – and erase the tapes you’ve played for years.


Even if you’ve already been doing mindset work that isn’t moving the needle –  it’s not your fault.

Practicing daily gratitude, building a vision board or listening to mindset apps before sitting down to write are all great rituals (heck, I LOVE my vision board), but to get past some of the B.S. that slows you down daily, you have to dismantle your core limiting beliefs and create new, empowering ones.

Find new victories and build the business you’ve long imagined.

 Charge you’re worth

 Set better work boundaries (like not working weekends)

 Stop falling prey to energy drains like Facebook, Instagram or Wordscapes 

 Attract your ideal clients and grow your business

 Share your voice the way the superstars do and use social media in ways that get you noticed!

 Start that podcast, blog, channel _____ (fill in your biggest wish) you’ve talked about for months

Instead of feeling like you’re always waiting for your turn, isn’t now the time to take charge?

Fast and Effective.

“Linda’s depth of understanding of the connections between mindset and life mastery is unparalleled. She’s got this uncanny ability to help you see past your own B.S. with grace and compassion.

Her teaching style is approachable and fluff-free. She gets to the heart of what’s holding you back in less time than it takes to watch an episode of This Is Us. But beyond all of that, what I love most about Linda is her presence. She really cares about helping others overcome the invisible beliefs holding them back. If you’re ready to stop letting your thoughts and past experiences sabotage your chance for a joy-filled future, there’s no better dream doula than Linda.”

Chanti Zakariasen


“Linda is a mindset surgeon. Rather than trying to stick a bandaid over deep seated beliefs and hope for the best (*cough* affirmations *cough*), she digs down deep into all that neural junk that’s holding you back, finds the root cause, and excises it with a steady hand.

It’s delicate work, but I’d trust Linda with it a thousand times over.

She allows you to feel totally normal and completely worthy, no matter what stories your brain is telling you or how your limiting beliefs are impacting the way you show up in the world (which is handy, because we copywriters are weird).”

Kirsty Fanton


How Master Your Mindset Works

Master Your Mindset is an interactive 7 week group coaching program designed to help you master your limiting beliefs so you can:

  • Stop comparing and own your greatness
  • Launch your new website, course, podcast or brand
  • Charge what the big boys and gals do
  • Uncover the confidence to go after bigger and better clients

Starting October 1, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. PT/3:00 p.m. ET, you’ll receive the support and skills you need to help make a difference.

To keep the program intimiate, there are only 12 spots available.

Once they are filled I will open a second section to accommodate as many people as possible!

LIVE Video Calls

There are 7 Live Group Video Zoom Calls (each lasting 75 minutes), where teach the concept for that week, walk you through interactive exercises + processes, and do live coaching.

Membership Portal

You’ll be given access to a private membership portal where you can go back an access video, worksheets and mindset mastery tools to help support your growth and transformation.

Weekly Action Steps

You’ll decide on weekly action steps to take that will help you move forward – beyond your limiting beliefs and fears. I’ll also help hold you accountable so that you can learn how to prioritize your goals and needs. The amount of time you spend on your action steps will be fully determined by you!


Our private Facebook group will become your new communal home – a safe space for you to show up and share your unique process. Test drive new behaviors and ways of expressing yourself here, where the stakes are low and you are fully supported by your new community.

Live Coaching Support

This is NOT a pre-recorded digital program that will collect dust on your shelf. It’s a highly interactive LIVE coaching program, where I’ll be supporting you every step of the way. In addition to our weekly calls, I also check in regularly in the private Facebook group – to answer questions and provide additional support.

Worksheets & Scripts (NEW)

In addition to weekly action steps, you’ll be provided with accountability worksheets and scripts to help you work through some of your biggest blocks. I’ll review your accountability worksheets and provide feedback so you can take greater action moving forward.

Master the Mindse You’ve Always Desired

Imagine what it might feel like to consistently show up for you ...

Rather than always feeling like you’re swimming upstream on your path to success, you can feel like you’ve got what it takes – no matter what challenge, opportunity or chance comes your way!

With weekly coaching calls, practical tools to help you make radical shifts and the support to stay on track, you’ll be able to bust through your unconscious beliefs in ways that surprise you!

Want more, real-life proof? Then you won’t want to miss this – Click Here.

   WEEK 1: Paving the Way

In order to achieve great things, you need to know where you’re going. In Week 1, we’ll lay the groundwork for our work together throughout this program. By understanding just how limiting beliefs have impacted your life, you’ll set a goal and vision for what you want to work on in our time together (in every aspect of your business). You’ll also get to know others in the group and be inspired to work together to achieve greater things.

WEEK 2: Make Fear Your Friend

Fear can have a grip on every aspect of our life. In Week 2, we’ll explore at all the ways that fear has held you back from achieving the things you most want. You’ll also gain a greater understanding of how fear shows up and the way it impacts your business – whether it’s not charging your worth or putting yourself out there. And instead of pushing our fears away, I’ll teach you how to embrace your fear and actually make it your friend – so that it can learn to use it to launch yourself forward.

WEEK 3: Pop The Air Out of Your Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that pop up at the worst times and stop us from moving forward. In Week 3, we’ll continue the work on unconscious patterns by digging into your limiting beliefs. Explore the ways limiting beliefs pop up like a beach ball and  identify the ones that have been running the show. You’ll discover the origin of your beliefs and learn how to shift them so that you can make new ones that empower and help you master new success. You’ll also begin to take greater action by trying on new ways of being and seeing how you can adopt beliefs that motivate and help you set realistic goals.

WEEK 4: Break the attachment of unconscious conditioning

When you have patterns of thought, belief or interpretation that are consistently repeated, they become ingrained and embedded into your consciousness – wielding tremendous influence on your choices and actions. In week 4, we’ll explore some of the unconscious conditioning that has kept you tied to your limiting beliefs and learn how to shift subconscious messaging. When you reverse years of this kind of conditioning, you reclaim freedom, control and make new choices that propel your business and your life.

WEEK 5: Just Say No! And other ways to set better Boundaries in your biz.

Boundaries are where the rubber meets the road – your fears, your beliefs and your conditioning influence whether you can set effective boundaries in your business or not. This will have a huge impact on your success. In week 5, we’ll explore how boundaries – or the lack thereof – show up in your business. Uncover the ways you violate your own boundaries and learn what stands in the way of making and setting healthy boundaries. You’ll also learn how setting boundaries can be a powerful way to support yourself – rather than keeping people out, it’s about keeping yourself in!

WEEK 6: Become fully Responsible for Your Choices and Your Business.

Responsibility is the single most important key to having the business you want and to live the life you most want. If you aren’t achieving the results you expect in your business, learning how to take 100% responsibility for the choices can help you make the final shift toward greater success. In week 6, we’ll look at all the ways you can take greater responsibility for your business – even when your clients or customers throw you a curve ball.

WEEK 7: Create a New Action Plan

In Week 7, we’ll begin to integrate the work we’ve done together and establish the groundwork for a new vision for the next year. You’ll explore the changes you’ve already made as well as set some goals for the changes you still want to make. Explore habits you still need to embrace, as well as the ones must still let go. By re-examining your vision through a new set of beliefs, you’ll also see what might now be possible that wasn’t – even a short 7 weeks before. You’ll also set some final action steps that you can take that will ensure that your new beliefs take hold and help you move toward success.


  • Seven 60-75 Minute Live Video Calls: Group calls via zoom where I lead you through skills, exercises + live coaching
  • Accountability + Encouragement: Receive weekly emails to stay on track and encouragement to keep you going
  • Private Facebook Group: Receive access to a private Facebook group to share your process, celebrate victories and try out new behaviors and beliefs
  • Call Recordings: All calls are recorded in so if you can’t make it live, you can still get all the information to move forward

PLUS, when you join, you’ll receive worksheets and scripts to help you master some of the toughest situations in your business – including how to pitch bigger clients and ask for more $$!


Lift the Weight of Limiting Beliefs

“I knew that mindset was something I needed to work on to get unstuck and keep growing my business, I just hadn’t found a program that was right for the stage I was in. But when I saw Linda’s program specifically geared at copywriters, it was perfect and I signed up almost immediately.

The Mindset Mastery Process Linda took me through was exactly what I needed to figure out what blocks I had (the biggest block wasn’t what I expected at all). And then the process showed me what I needed to do to unpack my block and start to change my mindset. The process was simple and the concepts easy to grasp. The meditations always unearthed new insights that I didn’t know were buried – and while it sounds a bit woo, it was just the right amount for this non-woo person. If you’re on the fence about joining the program, let me just say this: you can get around mindset and it will become a lifelong thing if you want to keep growing.

Per Andreasen

Copywriter, The Strongest Copy

“I thought mindset work wasn’t for me. I thought it was for people who struggle to pay their bills, or don’t feel comfortable speaking in public.

Boy, was I wrong.

Working with Linda, has helped me uncover limiting beliefs I’d been dragging around with me since childhood, she also gave me tools to help crush it.

I can’t believe the weight that’s been lifted from me… especially because I didn’t even realize it was there.

I’m more productive, more confident, and more equipped to push past my own self-imposed limitations and achieve even greater things .”

Sorcha Mackenzie


Enroll in the Master Your Mindset™ Group coaching program today.

Sign up for the only coaching program that relies on proven, practical tools instead of willpower to help you tackle your most pervasive limiting beliefs. 

Reserve your seat today. Master your Mindset™ Begins October 1, 2019 with weekly sessions held at 12:00 p.m. PT/3:00 ET.


Need Help Ordering or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us:

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Master Your Mindset™ take place?

Master Your Mindset™ is a 7-week, interactive coaching program that begins October 1, 2019. Live group video coaching calls will be held each Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. ET/3:00 pm. PT via Zoom.*

Please note that if I do have more than 12 participants interested, I will open a second class on a different day based upon preference in order to keep the program size intimate.

Do you offer a guarantee?

YES! I strongly believe that this work, works. If you don’t feel that this coaching program has worked for you, then I’ll give you your money back.

Yep, 100% of it. As long as you show up and listen to the calls, participate in the exercises and can show you’ve taken all of the steps laid out in the program, I’ll give you your money back. You have thirty days from registration to let me know and I’ll refund your money.


Is Master Your Mindset™ for me, even if I have no prior experience with coaching?

YES! You do not need any prior experience with coaching to be part of this program.

This program was designed specifically for copywriters, creative entrepreneurs and marketers at any stage in their business. Whether you’re just starting out or want to reach the next level, both financially and as a leader, this coaching program can help you achieve your goals!

Is Master Your Mindset™ only for copywriters?

While Master Your Mindset was initially only open to copywriters, it has been expanded to include creative entrepreneurs, marketers, and  course creators  because we all encounter many of the same clients and often have similar mindset blocks. 

Master Your Mindset was designed to be inclusive and welcome anyone in these industries who is ready to make a big leap when it comes to creating a stronger mindset and finding greater success!


What is the time commitment for this coaching program?

At a minimum, you will want to show up live for the weekly 60-75-minute Teaching + Coaching Calls. We will go through powerful exercises during these calls, and I will be coaching students live – which is where the biggest transformations and breakthroughs usually happen in the program. On average, students spend 1-3 hours on action steps outside of our regular call times.


What if I miss a session? Will the calls be recorded?

Ideally, I’d love to have you with me live on the calls. However, if you have to miss a session or two, not to worry! All calls are recorded in video and mp3 format, so you can re-listen later at home or on-the-go.


Will I get support from you directly?

Yes, lots of it! This isn’t a pre-recorded digital program that will simply collect dust on your computer. It’s a highly interactive LIVE coaching program, where I’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

Our weekly group video calls will be held on Zoom, an easy-to-use video calling software that will allow us all to see each other face-to-face (though you also have the option to call in without video if you prefer). This is where I’ll teach around the step for that week, walk you through interactive exercises + processes, and offer live coaching. I’m also very active in the private Facebook group, and will check in regularly to answer questions and provide additional support.

You do everything for your clients. Isn’t it time you did something for you?

You’ve been waiting to grow your business, take the next big step and find the success that you’ve waited for. You’ve waited long enough.

I know your beliefs might be telling you things like “now’s not the time” or “I can’t afford to take the time”, but the truth is that you can’t afford to let your beliefs rob you of the things you want – not even one more day.

Your doubts, fears and beliefs deserve a solution that works. I promise that this program can get you there.

Reserve your spot (only 12 open!) and master every mindset that you need to achieve more things in your business – and in life.

Will you say yes to you?

Sometimes you discover your self-deprecating jokes and little side comments are a sign of something much deeper and more limiting than you realize. Linda aligns your view with the truth—and when that happens, the whole world becomes yours.

Justin Blackman

Copywriter, Pretty Fly Copywriting

It’s Time to Show Your Clingy Limiting Beliefs to the Door!

Sign up for the only coaching program that relies on proven, practical tools instead of willpower to tackle your biggest limiting beliefs.

Reserve your seat today – only 12 spots available!

Master your Mindset™ Begins October 1, 2019 with weekly sessions held at 12:00 p.m. PT/3:00 ET.


Need Help Ordering or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

Feel Happier and Ready to Amplify Success

“Lina helped me identify what was holding me back in my business and personal life and the incident that sparked it all. I couldn’t wrap my head around how that one incident when 12 shaped the rest of my life!

Since then, I’ve been able to recognise when my behavior stems from the fear surrounding that belief and when it’s from something more rational. Linda not only helped me make peace with it, she helped me reframe it so that I can now shut down my limiting belief whenever it rears it’s ugly head.”

Eman Zabi


“Old, buried deep, beliefs can keep you from accomplishing your big audacious goals.

I’ve been involved in personal development for decades, and thought my mindset was pretty clear. “I’m good!” I thought I was on track.

Little did I realize what was lurking below the surface and why I felt I was still spinning my wheels. Linda helped me pull out some limiting beliefs (sadness that was amplifying self-doubt) that (in hindsight) I thought I had worked through.

We blew through that layer and I was able to see my next “right” move forward and felt happier and lighter than I had in months.”

Christine Laureano


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