Linda Yeazel

Linda Yeazel, Life Coach With a Unique Spin

“What other life coach would have a Ferris wheel as their main image?” she asked. Linda Yeazel of course. This project allowed us to bring out the more fun side of life coaching. Linda wanted her brand, content, social media and website to capture her personality, which is fun loving, compassionate and dedicated. The challenge with this project was making sure that we found a common message amongst her varied ideal clients. Linda was passionate about helping people stuck in that group of people who were still raising children, but were now facing aging parents. She also wanted to remember people like herself who never appreciated their own qualities and didn’t always feel like they fit in.

We also worked together to help her create an opt-in that would provide her ideal audience with a quick win. Adding video for her opt-in was a natural piece for Linda as she connects with her audience easily and openly. We then attached her opt-in to her CRM and wrote her introductory email series for clients.

Linda’s website design and color palette also reflect her colorful, outgoing personality. She wanted something that contained bright, colorful images and content that put her clients at ease. Her Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Page contains a unique opportunity for her to connect to her ideal client by walking them through what is likely their typical day.

Linda’s site was created on Squarespace so that she could easily manage it herself and add services like workshops and group coaching as she expanded her personal body of work.

Visit Linda’s Website:


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