We all want to be the hero in our own story, so it only makes sense that our client’s want the same thing. Yet, time after time, businesses forget this concept whne positioning their brand in the market. We think that what our clients are looking for is another hero to save the day–but in reality, what they’re looking for is someone who is going to help them be the hero in their story.

Be the guide, not the hero.

Don Miller, Author of Building a StoryBrand shares that successful companies are those that remember this concept and focus their message on providing their hero with a clear solution. People want to know that the people they hire can do two things: understand them and bring them to victory.

Your brand should focus on your clients and how you can guide them, so they can win the day. The content on your website needs to answer these 3 crucial questions:

  • What does the hero want?
  • Who or what is opposing the hero getting what she wants?
  • What will the hero’s life look like is she gets (or doesn’t get) what she wants?

By positioning your client as the hero, they will be able to see how you’ll help them solve their problem. Your messaging will be straightforward and clear. Your website will be able to pass the grunt test.

If you think of every story you’ve ever read, or every movie you’ve ever watched, the main character is positioned as the hero. They may not be perfect, but to engage the audience they face and overcome a problem–but, here is the important part, they never actually do it alone, they always have someone guiding them.

Think Star Wars, Luke Skywalker has Yoda, or in the Hunger Games Katniss has Haymitch, The hero always has someone to influence their decisions that guides her to a solution. That’s where you step in. You should be influencing your ideal client’s decisions to buy your product or service by positioning yourself as the guide.

By drawing a picture of what your clients are facing and what it will look like after they work with you–you will be able to sway their decisions into making the purchase. By Finding your business, they have found a solution, and by using your own business they have solved their problem–they are the hero and have won their battle.

A few companies that make their customers the hero:

  • CarMax

Experience clear and simple car buying and selling. Find the right car for you.

This is solving the problem that everyone knows to come with buying a car. All the research that goes into it and you still have to deal with the car salesman that wants to haggle over the price. CarMax is giving you the tools to buy (or sell) a car without all the hidden parts.

  • ROI Online

Let us do the marketing for you. For the price of one employee, you can hire a team of fun, creative marketing pros you don’t have to babysit.

Running your own marketing can be difficult and expensive, and they understand that their clients are struggling with this. If you continue to scroll down on their website they give you a clear plan on how you can solve your problem by using their services.

  • PopSocial

Build an authentic audience. Work with a dedicated account manager who will build a customized social media growth strategy.

They address your problem (building an authentic audience) and they let you know how they will do it, by building a customized social media growth strategy.

What these companies have in common is they all focus on you. They hone in on the problem that you’re facing and use it to create a clear one-liner that describes what your problem is, how you can solve it and what you’ll get from solving it.

When you can write this out for your clients they’ll be able to imagine how they can win the day once their problem is solved.

At Soul Genius Branding, we work with clients to implement the StoryBrand framework and clarify your message in a way that attracts your audience. As a certified StoryBrand Guide, I have worked with a variety of clients – from not-for-profits, attorneys, life coaches and corporate leadership psychologists- and know that it works across the board.

I offer a free 30-minute introductory session to help you get started. During this session, we can discuss how this simple shift can be made for your business. Schedule your session today!


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