This might come as a surprise – especially when you consider the fact that a large part of what I do is write content for my client’s websites – but your website is not the be-all end all of your business. It’s actually only a starting point for your business.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think that having a rock-solid website that speaks to your ideal client is 100% essential if you’re going to be noticed. But your website definitely isn’t a magic bullet when it comes to growing your business and getting noticed.

The way I like to describe it – your website is your home.

It has a solid foundation with a clear message and offerings so that people know what you do and how they can take the next steps to work with you.

And while your home contains some really important things for your business, it is important to know that people aren’t just going to stop by because you built it.

You have to invite people over if you want them to come in. It’s the same way with your business.

Oftentimes, people hope that SEO (search engine optimization) and Keywords will do the job of inviting people over, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Sure, you can improve your odds of being found by having your site optimized for Google searches, but even then, you can’t count on the fact that people will stop on by.

Now, that can be a hard pill to swallow if you’ve invested time and money on crafting a solid brand message and strong website to support your business.

You might even be wondering, “Was it all a waste? Did I stupidly spend my money?”

The simple answer is no, not at all – but you also can’t be complacent. Having your own business and being an entrepreneur means that you’re always actively talking about your business and marketing what you do. It’s definitely more than hoping, manifesting and waiting for people to show up on your doorstop.

You have to find ways to get people to stop by and visit.

So, what does that really mean?

Well, when it comes to growing your business, you have to think of your business as a system of networks, all designed to lead to one place . . . your website (which ideally has a single call to action to get working with you).

Often that will include using a network of social media, connecting with others and even more traditional methods of advertising – all designed to drive people back to your website to take action.

And that is where the biggest mistakes are made.

While more and more businesses are learning how to navigate Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook, there is still a lot of confusion around how to use social media to drive people back to your business home.

Certainly, social media should be used to create awareness and interest, but after some point, your feed should be used to drive people to engage more deeply with your business.

As I said, if you think of social media, networking, speaking and podcasts as a system, you can begin to build bridges and roadways all that lead to one place – your website.

Yes, it’s important for people to get to know you, but it’s also important for them to find out how they can begin to engage with you more.

You also want to consider that once they do make it to your website, that you want to invite them to stay a while. You want them hanging out in the places that will drive them to make better decisions – leading them to the About Page, your Services/Product Pages and also getting them to join your email list so you can talk to them daily (think of your subscriber list a little like getting people to hang out with you in the kitchen – isn’t that where the fun always happens?)

The truth is that people need assurance that the decision to work with you is a safe one – that they are going to get what they truly want.

So, that means that you can’t take your audience for granted. You have to be more than hospitable, you have to be of service – connecting the dots for them along the way and providing real answers.

If you leave your website to do all the work, without driving people to show up, your website is going to become a lonely – slightly desolate place – which will leave you frustrated and ready to give up.

What I’ve learned with working with my clients is that those who find the greatest success understand this and work to bring their audience along in various ways.

Which is why when I work with clients lately, I make it clear that your website is really only your starting point. And while many of you out there didn’t go into business to become marketing experts – the more successful businesses are those that either master the art of marketing or hire someone who understands that you need a real system in order to maximize your website investment.

So, if you’re in that boat, wondering why people aren’t diving into your website and taking advantage of what you have to offer, it might be good to look at how your systems are communicating.

Is everything you’re doing driving people to join you in your home?

Not sure? I’m here to help. All this month, I’m offering special pricing on an audit of your personal systems. I’ll take a look at the steps your taking to drive business to your website and offer ways for you to powerfully improve your personal strategy.

To learn more, schedule a 30-minute consultation and let’s talk about how I can help you drive business to your website. To begin, click here.

And oh, don’t forget to check out my website while you’re here!


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