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You’re a Bold, Successful and Innovative Leader

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Imagine joining other curious, motivated and inspired people just like yourself ready to share their powerful voice with an eager, awaiting audience. Fun and inspirational, each one of our unique workshops is designed to help you be a bigger, more bold version of who you already are.

Whether you’re still looking to discover your passion, just starting out or are finally ready to be seen by the world as the leader you are, I’ll help you bust your own B.S., dig deep and learn techniques that will help you find the words to convince and connect.

Up level no matter where you are.

Whether you live in Vail, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois or places beyond you can still join us for one of our custom designed workshops! Although we love “going live” in our home cities, we want to make it easy for you to get the support you need to grow and establish a strong brand message.

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Featured Workshops

Vision Board Workshop

Imagine being absolutely clear about what you want in life and where you’re going!

Wake up everyday with the kind of focus to make clear choices and take more responsibility for where you’re going. We all have a vision for what we want most out of life – it’s just that sometimes it gets drowned by everyday noise of life. We get busy. We tend to other’s needs. We put ourselves last.

Well, now’s the time to take a closer look at what YOU most want. With both on-line and live versions, this workshop promises to propel you toward your dreams.



Brand of U Workshop

Have you noticed how we as women  apologize, make excuses or downplay our victories? Maybe it’s the way we were raised or adapted to our situations – but isn’t it time you stopped apologizing and stood out?

The Brand of U Workshop helps you put yourself forward in a powerful way. No more excuses. No more playing small. Just practical, easy tools to  overcome patterns & habits that hold you back.

You’ll also learn how to craft your personal story in a way that stands out and connects. This workshop is a half-day live event designed specifically for women.


* The Brand of U can be customized and brought to your workplace or group.

From Excitement to Inertia: And Back

It’s only natural. You start out excited and ready to launch your business. You do everything to prepare – get a killer website, awesome logo and you know your offerings rock. But, you still can’t seem to get your business off the ground.

You’re tempted to give up, but this is your passion and purpose. From excitement to inertia will address the common hurdles every entrepreneur faces in growing their business.

Discover resources and funnels that will help you find clients. Stay the course – both emotionally and practically – with tools that will help you weather tough times and win.


The Copy Boot Camp

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of entrepreneur? You’re a good writer, but maybe you don’t know the proper framework to craft eye-catching copy?

The Copy Boot Camp is an on-line self-directed workshop designed to help you learn how to write for your business. Broken down into four session (each with multiple trainings and copy workouts). You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to be a master.

We’ll cover Copy Basics, Website Writing, Tribe Grabbing Copy, and Blogs – plus you’ll receive bonus material throughout. With copy workouts, a private Facebook community, and “office hours” you’ll have all the support you need to become a copy master.



Get A Head Start

Come to your workshop fully prepared. Get a copy of the Jumpstart Your Brand Guide and get a leg up on your personal message.

Whether you’re looking for guidance, direction or a stronger presence, the Jumpstart Your Brand Guide & Worksheets will make you think about your message in a new way!

Day One: Meet Your Ideal Client

Day Two: Understand Your Core Values

Day Three: Craft a Killer Mission Statement

Day Four: Elevate Your Elevator Pitch

Day Five: Where to Share

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